Thursday, February 16, 2017

"A Poem About the Night"

"A Poem About the Night" by Liliana Z. '20

A Night
Laying there
Looking at all the Dark Spaces
Reflecting on your day, and life
Without expecting what will pop up to your memory

At Night
The stars dance
Up and Down
Your thoughts, Mindset
Up and Down 

Without your thoughts you aren't human
A Night

Wednesday, February 15, 2017

"Black History Month at Cristo Rey"

"Black History Month at Cristo Rey"
By Bryan E. '20

This Morning I Witnessed

The face of justice

While people speaking up for what dwells in their heart

I stand proud and strong

Their words and stories drag me into their fears and nightmares

As I try to overcome and understand how these heroes

Can survive the demons that haunt them till this day.

Tuesday, February 14, 2017


"Untitled" by Diana T. '20

Right around 5:40pm

The sun is going down,

Working towards the am

Watching the sun going in,

The sky becoming two different shades

Time flying by quickly

Waiting for the next day

Another day to learn, reflect

Another day to watch the sun go in

And later watch the stars,

As tiny as they are is as tiny as we feel in this world

Just like the sun,

We’re that bright light

Which shuts down at night

Monday, February 13, 2017

Cristo Rey Chess Tournament I

Cristo Rey Chess Tournament I:
Champion: Giang P. '18
2nd: Rachel S. '20
3rd: Hector H. '18

Friday, February 3, 2017

"What Is Beauty?"

“What Is Beauty?”
By Reanna R. '20

They say that girls need beauty
It is something they need to be a girl
But do we really need it
No we do not need it

We need girls that are going to be intelligent,be funny, be adventurous-
Be silly, be clumsy and be awe inspiring
We need other things to define who we are
Not a word that only is for the benefit of others
That find only looks important
For us to feel accomplished
For us to accepted as equal
For us not to be looked down upon
Because we do not fit “perfectly”into the definition of beauty

Has the world really changed into a place of only looks
That what is inside your heart and or your mind is no longer more important
But remember do not let a six letter word define who you truly are
Because you will always have beauty
No matter if you do not feel it
Or others say you are not

Friday, January 27, 2017

"I've Written the Poems"

"I've Written the Poems" by Rachel S. '20

I’ve written the poems
That have touched my heart
But after having written them
I start falling apart

Those words I write
Those words I speak
So different are they
It makes me weak

I stay all day
But the poems I write
Are about sadness and pain

The mask I wear
Constantly change
The poems, though
They make me feel strange

I write what I can’t say
I write when I don’t talk
But those poems run away
The words just like a flock

Do you get what I mean?
Even I don't really know
When saying what I write
The words no longer flow

Put a pen to paper
I somehow start to write
But talking to others
Keeps me rigid in fright

I know that it’s hard
To really get what I’m saying
But I am who I am
No, I’m not playing

Thursday, January 19, 2017

"Luck of Love"

“Luck of Love” by Juan F. '19

How did I get so lucky?
To have someone like you
While my heart was empty
You taught me love was true
I only ask for your time and affection
To make you feel special, that’s my intention
Was it fate?
Was it luck?
Was it you who grasped onto me while I was stuck?
Besides that, I am happy to be yours
And each day wanting you more and more
It feels like living a dream
Where my thoughts flow up the stream
You’re the sun, which shines bright
You’re the moon, shining through the darkness with your light
You’re the red rose, which sprouts with beauty
You’re the glistening sparkle of that splendid ruby
Besides everything, I feel alive
Ever since I looked into your beautiful eyes
Like droplets of rain, we fall to the ground
Like the silence of the wind, we make no sound
Like the calm ocean, our world is full of blue
Like the beat of a drum, my heart skips for you