Monday, April 24, 2017


"Family" by Jesse V. '20

My family is my heart
Nothing can be more than family
Family is the most important thing in this world
Family is loving
And supportive
I wish my family would live forever
But nothing can lives forever
People only have one life
I have to spend every single day with my family
Because one day one of your family member
Will be gone
That's why I have to be happy that I have a family
Family to me is very important
My family would
never lie to me
They will never hit me
They will never tell me that I am a accident
Or I should have never been born
My family is the most loving family in the world
If you don’t have a family God will give you one
Don’t worry he is here
God is my family and
He will give a adopted child a family
Family is powerful because
It is like a wolf pack
They will never leave you behind
Family is a powerful connection
With your mother, dad, brother, sister, or other
Family is bond together and nothing can be broken
If you are together
Like family you can never break.

Tuesday, April 18, 2017

"My Rose"

  1. "My Rose" By Hipolito H. '20
  2. My Rose smiles at the bee
  3. My Rose ignores me
  4. Ripping the Love out of my heart
  5. I try to grab my rose
  6. It’s thorns bite back at me
  7. My rose takes the love I have given it
  8. My rose converts the love into strength
  9. With that strength My rose loves another
  10. With that strength it withers slowly

Friday, March 3, 2017

"The Shining Moon"

"The Shining Moon"
By Nicole L. '20

I look up at the shiny silver moon
It lights up the dark night sky
Scaring away all the evil roaming
The streets, protecting all those
Who suffer, all the pain the suffering
Drift away as your eyes slowly
Start to close letting yourself
Drift away to peace and

Tuesday, February 28, 2017


"Independent" by Liliana Z. '20

Walking through the streets with a brave face
Not knowing what to expect in the world
Not having to depend on another person to hold you when you fall
Falling as if you could conquer the world

Time is never wasted
Independent, Independent
Life comes tumbling down
Holding your ground when facing an obstacle
Life is like a dream
Prepared for the worst

Never look back
Independence is the key to learning to be alone


Thursday, February 23, 2017

"Waking Up"

"Waking up" by Larissa M. '20
Every morning is a new start
Looking out my window
Looking at the sun
The clouds
Listening to the sounds
They get me thinking
How blessed I am
At the same time
Thoughts race through my mind
Thinking to myself
Am I good enough?
Why am I here?
Then I realize
I am perfect the way I am
Nothing needs to change
Just me happy Larissa

Tuesday, February 21, 2017

"Listen and Hear"

"Listen and Hear" by Brianna F. '20

Listen all around you.
Music is everywhere
Like in a band or just humming in your head like screams of despair.
When you don’t have music you only hear silence.
Every song or any music tells a story.
When you are listening to a song and it stops it feels like the magic is gone.
And with it my soul goes along.
It takes me to a place full of peace and serenity.
Whenever i hear its sweet melody,
My heart is full of tranquility.
It travels from my heart to my eyes,
Allowing me to see the color of the beautiful things in front of me.
Whenever it’s gone everything seems dull and dry,
And the sky it turns into gloomy grey,
Music i love you so thank you for all that you’ve done
Because you’ve made my life a fun one.

Thursday, February 16, 2017

"A Poem About the Night"

"A Poem About the Night" by Liliana Z. '20

A Night
Laying there
Looking at all the Dark Spaces
Reflecting on your day, and life
Without expecting what will pop up to your memory

At Night
The stars dance
Up and Down
Your thoughts, Mindset
Up and Down 

Without your thoughts you aren't human
A Night