Tuesday, December 19, 2017

"Ode To My Art"

"Ode To My Art"
By Areli U. '21

Like flying in the sky,
Like laughing freely,
Like watching a magic show come to life,
Oh tell me why,
You and I are like man and wife.

Oh my beloved art,
If there was  a stronger way to express what you mean to me,
But there are no words that truly fit ,

Don’t worry there won't be one who will interfere,
Not today, tomorrow or in 1,000 years,
Everything is all clear,

Me and my art are destined to be peers,

When I had no one you provided me with your paint brushes,
When I felt sad you gave me your oil pastel colors to brush my tears away,
When felt angry you aided me with water colors,
When I felt annoyed  you helped me and gave me your color pencils,
When I felt happy you provided me with the strength of  paint.

You, oh my art,
Gave me an opportunity to express myself,
Gave me the key to joy,
Gave me the warmth of a hug in my sad moments,

Oh, my beloved art,You,
Delivered me a chance to feel,
Gifted me with hope,
Showed me who I truly am,
Offered me the chance to believe,

Gave me a chance to be a human.

Monday, May 22, 2017

Cristo Rey Hosts An Open Mic; The End Result Was A Night To Remember

Cristo Rey Hosts An Open Mic; The End Result Was A Night To Remember
By Rachel S. '20

It happened suddenly one sunny day at Cristo Rey San Jose Jesuit High School. It was just a normal group meeting for the Lyrical Lions, a singing club. All of a sudden, inspiration struck the room like lightning. Karaoke night? No. Lions singing competition night? No. How about an Open Mic at the Lions Den? Maybe even giving it a cafe vibe? Oh yeah.

Cristo Rey, on April 6th, 2017, held an Open Mic night for anyone and everyone to perform, and the leaders of this idea were the Lyrical Lions themselves (led by Anh D. '19), and, I dare say, it went extremely well.

In an interview with one of the Lions, she said, “It was very successful. A lot more successful than we ever thought it would be.” Performances included singing, poetry, and even folklorico dancing, with food, games, and more entertainment provided.

The Lyrical Lions met with as many clubs as possible to coordinate with them, even asking if those clubs could and would be presented at the Open Mic. They managed to convince people to bring and provide some of the food and drinks, and many others to bring along some friends and family.

This Open Mic was held in the cafeteria of the school, and was decorated very nicely. Lights adorned the walls, and a traditional black curtain backdrop was at the stage. Almost every seat was filled in the room, and many others were standing. It was a full house.

The night started off with the scheduled performers, and some clubs participating as well. Towards the end though, audience members were given the opportunity to go on stage and do whatever they felt like, true Open Mic style.

But what is next? In another interview with a Lion, she said, “Next year? Oh yeah, we are definitely having one next year. I’m really looking forward to it.” We are too.

Friday, May 19, 2017

The One and Only Rachel

The One and Only Rachel
By Daniel G. '20 and Jason V. '20

Rachel S. is an excellent student who always goes above and beyond. She’s also a kind and loving person who gets along well with just about anyone. So what is a normal day for Rachel? Let's find out! 

When Rachel wakes up, she thinks about whether or not she should get up.  Afterwards, she takes the bus, car, or bike to school. For a regular bus commute, it’s about 45 minutes. For a car, it’s about 15 minutes. For a bike, it’s about 35 minutes. That’s how dedicated she is in receiving her education at CRSJ!         

Once she gets to school, she walks to the computer cart and plugs in her Chromebook, a task that is commonly shared by all students. With her healthy relationships at school, Rachel said, “Mostly, I like my teachers pretty well for the most part.” 

She told us that she enjoys each of her classes: health & wellness, math, physics, history, religion, Spanish, and English. To top it off, Rachel is almost attaining the rank of the black belt, a prestigious honor in Mr. Sunderland’s dojo. 

But she has to do something for fun, right? Well, Rachel’s main hobbies are reading manga, watching anime, and drawing art. “I once met her at the SJV fiesta,” says Jason, “I also heard that she’s the CRSJ mascot for school events and a chess tournament finalist!” This clearly explains that Rachel has a life full of fun, enjoyment, and a bubbly attitude that no one will forget.

                  Every student has a driving force in their life that keeps them going, so what's Rachel's? “I have to try my best, so I won’t be a disappointment to my parents,” she honestly remarked. Her ways of coping with stressful issues are quite interesting. When Rachel’s stressed out, she likes screaming into a pillow or eating some popcorn/eggs. This expresses her emotions in a healthy way, rather than imposing her pain on someone else. 

                 To this day, Rachel is an important part of Cristo Rey life and has an interesting life herself. This interview has gave us a new perspective on her, and we hope that if you see Rachel, tell her to have a nice day!